TV appearance of Chef Joe and Chef Leah Chase

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2 Comments on “TV appearance of Chef Joe and Chef Leah Chase”

  1. Excellent job Chef! I met you 20 years ago when I was a young CIA grad; and over those 20 years there has not been a conversation that took place between you and I that you haven’t taught me something. Every time I speak with you I learn something new. You are a true educator, and mentor. You inspire me. You continue to be the voice for black cooks & chefs that this industry needs to desperately hear…. Lot’s of LOVE !!! Jason Wallace

  2. Wow!! What a inspiration and mentor you have been to me. Consulting with you on every single move in my culinary life, meeting you has change my life and the way I look at food. What a great human and friend you are…. Chef Bill McClellan

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